Writers Write: An Interview with your Protagonist – and Antagonist

Die Aufgabe des Daily Writing Prompt bestand diesmal aus einem fiktiven Interview, in dem sowohl Protagonist als auch Antagonist darlegen sollten, weshalb sie die perfekte Wahl für ihre Rolle sind. Aus gegebenem Anlass, dem Erscheinen des zweiten Erzählbandes der Dresdener Literaturner, habe ich mich für die Hauptfiguren aus »Das Portrait« entschieden. Marius und Lyndon nahmen sich Zeit, die Frage zu beantworten.


So, Marius, what is it that makes you the perfect Protagonist?

M: Well, as an artist there are many problems you have to face: The everyday struggle to live off your work, facing creative crisis, getting along with your irritating flatmate …

L (aside): Spouse, you mean.

M: Shut it! – Just ignore him. He’s the reason why there is so much drama in the first place. He always drives me nuts and up the wall.

L: Last time a wall was involved you didn’t seem to bother.

M: Shut it! – You see? He’s always like this! And I have to deal with his sarcasm every day since we’ve moved together.

L: I am so-not-sorry.

M: Shut it! (Sighs) You see, I was an ordinary student of art who had some minor problems until …

L: I wouldn’t call facing homelessness a minor problem exactly.

M (blushing): Yes, thank you. To be fair, he helped me out when I was in trouble but from then on problems really got started. I mean, look at him! He’s so damn …

L: … attractive? Clever? Irresistible?

M: … sure of himself! And I felt like a …

L: Moth to the flame?

M: … coward for letting him have his way with me.

L: What an interesting choice of words you have. Always so convenient.

M: Shut up!

L: Make me!

Well, that escalated quickly. I think the question why Lyndon is the perfect Antagonist answers itself. Anyway, thank you guys for the interview. Ahm, … guys?

[sentimental epilogue]

L: Now that was fun, wasn’t it?

M: …

L: What? Still angry about the spouse-calling?

M: No. If anything, I have to apologize for calling you simply my flatmate. You do mean much more to me, you know?

L (slightly smiling): I’m aware of that. Besides, I’m not as confident as you think me to be. In the beginning I really was afraid you’d rejected me.

M (perplexed): You were?

L: Yes. It took me quite a while to see through your masquerade. Sometimes I actually was convinced you hated me.

M: I could never hate you. Never. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

L: I’m glad to hear that. Because, you know, the feeling is mutual.


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