scene: lost but found

Looking through all the stuff that piled up over the years, I found this old foto in the attic. It dated back to my grandparents’ wedding.  My grandma looks so happy, my grandfather kinda serious.  I wonder if he already knew they’d break up a couple of years afterwards.

Taking down the stairs to the 2nd floor, an umbrella caught my attention.  A souvenir of my 14th birthday.  I still wonder who’d left it behind.  It’s been a stormy day back then.

I don’t know what made me wandering around the house. It was not like I was looking for something in particular.  And yet, as I entered the living room, my hands magically knew which book to grasp – the favourite book of my youth, The Catcher In The Rye. So many memories came back while I turned the pages to re-read my favourite passages.

Another thing lurked in the living room, obviously waiting to be found by me.  A set of wedding rings- tragically bought in vain.  On the day of the ceremony, my dear friend and her girlfriend died in a car accident.  I couldn’t bring myself to give the rings away that they had entrusted me with.

You might say it’s a house of sorrow. But it’s not.  There was one more thing that I returned to in the hallway. It’s more like a lobby where you can sit and have a drink.  There’s even a little bar.  But the thing I refer to is a piano.
It’s been a while since I layed my hands on it, but the music still flows from them, soothing my mind and washing away all my tears.